Welcome to Old Town Primary Care. We are glad you are here.


At Old Town Primary Care, we believe that the patient’s needs come first. You will be heard when you sit down with us, you’ll understand what is happening when you leave and there will be no surprise bills at the end of your visit.

We’ve made the decision to take insurance out of our equation in order to keep your healthcare decisions between us and to keep your costs low.




Monday and Friday 9-4

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 1:30 - 6

Weekends Closed



2 ways to be part of the community


Starting at $60 monthly, our subscription plan includes:

  1. Unlimited visits

  2. 1 full set of lab work per year

  3. Any in-office procedures


Why we do what we do

We’ve been on both sides of the exam table - as the patient and as the clinician. We knew there had to be a better way for patients to get the care they needed and for us to enjoy medicine again. We’ve never been happier and our patients are too!

Fee for Service

We have a set of sliding scale fees for office visits and procedures.


Let's Chat

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